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About GSK Science in the Summer™

For more than 30 years, GSK–a science-led global healthcare company–has brought fun and engaging STEM education to underserved elementary school students with the goal of sparking a lifelong love of science and interest in STEM careers. The Franklin Institute and the University of North Carolina Morehead Planetarium and Science Center partner with GSK to bring GSK Science in the Summer™ to 27 locations across the country.

We aspire to engage students early in STEM learning, to foster the next generation of scientists and innovators. By offering these classes to elementary-aged students–particularly those from underserved populations across the country not widely represented in the scientific community–we are able to reach populations who would not otherwise have access to these high-quality STEM experiences especially during summer breaks, when school is out of session.

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In 1986, GSK scientist Dr. Virginia Cunningham had a vision to inspire future scientists, especially girls and minorities, through fun, interactive, science lessons.

GSK Science in the Summer™ has been inspiring the next generation of scientists for over 30 years!